Books / Literature

This document is a brief summary of the many things that beginning golfers anywhere will benefit from having. It entails the basics of etiquette, and basic skill description to get the new golfer started.
This document details the entire process of building a golf tournament from the first “idea” to the day after the event is complete. This is a complex, day-to-day benchmarked document that will guide the new tournament director through every little detail of formulating and presenting a successful golf tournament. It provides the task to be completed along with the amount of time it takes to complete the task. You provide the beginning date and the schedule will show how many days each task will take to complete, with a schedule to “check off” tasks as they are completed.
TS12 – GOLFER’S PROFILE            $25.00
This document entails all of the necessary literature for the established golfer or the golfer who wants to improve. This document provides space to record the “vital statistics” about the golfer, things such as equipment set up, and a yardage chart to record your arsenal’s range.
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