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Golf is a sport of specialization in many areas; the short game is where your golf scoring takes place. You can drive the ball 350 yards but if you lack the skill and expertise to get the ball “in the hole”; your score will not be indicative of your ability and/or potential.

 The short game is incredibly valuable, you should focus on these areas, with much time spent on improving your ability to get the ball “up and down” from the many challenging lies, stances, grasses, and un-forseen obstacles you will inevitably encounter on the golf course during a round of golf.

It is vitally important to remember the mental aspects of the game. How do you improve your ability to “think” your way around the golf course. If you are just stepping up to the ball and hitting it without thinking, and planning, you are probably throwing away many strokes during a round of golf. These clinics will help you avoid these pitfalls and begin the process of scoring mentally.


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